Top 10 songs from the 90’s

Top 10 songs from the 90’s

A small sample of some of my favorite songs from the nineties

When I think of the nineties, I think of music. I was in Cleveland, home of Rock-&-Roll and got to go to a lot of great concerts in the flats (Peabody’s Down Under, the Odeon), the Grog Shop, and the Agora. Here are my some of my favorite songs from the nineties.

MushRoomHead : Never Let it go

Before JMann left, before Waylon, before Slipknot, there was just rocking the place with friends. Everything changed when I went to see Marilyn Manson at the Phantasy Nightclub. Everyone was booing during Hanzel und Gretyl (who wound up being an amazing act in their own right) and chanting MUSH-ROOM-HEAD. When I looked into them more, and finally saw them live at Peabody’s, my world was opened to the Cleveland music scene.

Tool : 46 & 2

It’s hard to pick a single Tool song, with 2 great albums and an EP released before Y2K. However fewer songs get me pumped up like this one. After I heard Prison Sex on the radio, I bought the under-tow cassette and played it until it wore out. Gone were the days of … whatever the hell I was listening to prior.

Melvins : Queen

Reading about Nirvana, the Melvins were mentioned multiple times. I was in one of those music ordering clubs, BMG or Columbia something, and I decided to buy Stoner Witch by the Melvins. Just a few seconds into Queen and I knew I had found something I wasn’t even looking for.

Nine Inch Nails : Wish

Even though I’ve not cared for anything Trent has done after the Downword Sprial, Broken is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Additionally as the 90’s was exploring new technology they had offered a mini disk with 2 tracks. However, these were getting sold separately, or stolen, or something, so they became bonus tracks.

Skinny Puppy : Candle

As timing would have it, my introduction to Skinny Puppy was after the good’ol days. By the time I heard them, the Process was out, and all the bad shit had already happened. As far as the album, I loved it. I talked to people on line, learned of their past catalog, and expanded my musical taste. So glad that they’ve picked up, and continued making great music and touring.

Atari Teenage Riot : MidiJunkies

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pop Will Eat Itself : R.S.V.P.

I was convinced that Pop Will Eat Itself was going to be the next biggest thing. They grew so much from their 80’s days, signed to Nothing records, seemed like they were progressing to be huge. Then nothing. Glad to see Graham Crabb dusted off the old hits and took the show on the road within the last few years.

Prodigy : Voodoo People

And on the note of Pop Will Eat Itself (They are credited with Their Law), I also have Prodigy. After I moved out of my parents house, this CD was ‘selection of the month’ and it crossed paths with my cancelation. Good thing too, because I thoroughly enjoyed the entire album, and don’t know how long it may have been until I heard it.

Meat Beat Manifesto : Acid Again

Between Satyricon, Subliminal Sandwich, and Actual Sounds + Voices, it’s hard to pick just one song. But this song was generally a constant in my radio for road trips, so it made the list. So glad that I got to see them tour for this album too.

Mindless Self Indulgence : Cocaine and Toupees

Saw MSI open for a number of other bands like Lords of Acid, Jack of Jill, and System of a Down. They were great for an opening act. Incredibly entertaining and engaging.

Agree or disagree with this list? Think your favorite should have been included? Please leave your comments below!

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