Best Nintendo Music [ Mario and other Favorites ]

Best Songs from Nintendo Music

This is a list of my favorite 10 Nintendo games when it comes to Music

What is it about Nintendo Music? Is it just me, or does the music from your favorite games easily get stuck in your head?

Best Nintendo Music

Here is a list of my favorite 10 Nintendo games, judging on music alone.
  • Super Mario Brothers 2

  • Easily taking the number one slot is going to be Super Mario Brothers 2. The music for this game is so catchy, I find myself humming it any number of days per week. Once it starts there is nothing going to stop it, just short of playing the game on my favorite emulator.

  • Super Mario Brothers 3

  • When it comes to Nintendo Music, Mario is going to have an unfair advantage. This guy has some of the best games for all kinds of categories, strategy, story, game play, & of course music.

    Nothing is going to bring back joyful memories of my childhood like the theme from Super Mario Brothers 3!

  • Battletoads

  • There is much more than just Mario Brothers when it comes to the Nintendo Music Genre. Coming in at the 3rd spot, my favorite is easily going to be Battletoads.

    Just as advanced and unique as the game play and character design, the music for Battletoads was legendary.

  • Contra

  • Nothing says up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right like Contra! Without even playing the game, my residuals are replaying the sound of the spreader.

  • Dr. Mario

  • Now I will admit, I had Dr. Mario on the GameBoy before I had the Nintendo Cartridge. Luckily enough though, the music is exactly as I remember it. With the dramatical pauses and everything. When it comes to Nintendo Music Games, this is just such a bonus for me.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • This game was so unique and odd, I just loved it. The original Nintendo Game for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was not your Saturday morning experience. Using instead the Eastman and Laird original experience, the music was just as intense as the comics. Absolutely love it. Few things make me feel like it’s 3am on a Sunday Morning than this theme song.

  • Metroid

  • Slowing things down a little bit, at the number seven slot is Metroid. Just as revolutionary as gaming got on Christmas Morning, was you and a friend exploring unknown passages on this 2d platform. With courage and honor, this music helped our hero march her way to defeat Mother Brian.

  • Gauntlet

  • At number eight is the Tengen classic Gauntlet. The entry music for this game just screams Dungeon Dweller so well! So just before Wizard needs food, grab a friend and enjoy this great classic you have heard hours and hours before. Not to be confused with Tussin by MC Chris.

  • Blaster Master

  • The intro theme to Blaster Master is an absolute masterpiece, setting you out on a heroic adventure. What amazing game play, introducing in-vehicle play vs out of vehicle mode. I just can’t get over how wonderful this intro song is.

  • MegaMan 2

  • MegaMan 2 was my introduction to the enemy select screen type of play. While there is a lot to enjoy (and provided below is the entire work of the game!), my favorite is quick-man. I can still hear the “WIRRR” of the pause while shooting the bars across the level. What a phenomenal game and musical soundtrack.

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While there are no Nintendo Music Download links provided, I do have YouTube embeded videos to compliment each game and theme.

Do you agree with our list? Did you not see your favorite Nintendo Game listed here?
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