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Top 10 mistakes Hackers Exploit

Hackers Exploit Top 10 mistakes that make you more vulnerable As per the AV-TEST Institute, more than 390,000 new pieces of malware are detected each day. This massive amount of malicious programs provide hackers more than enough opportunity to find easy exploits. Just the same, end users make the common mistakes that provide themselves as Read more about Top 10 mistakes Hackers Exploit[…]

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10 unexpected devices that can be hacked

10 standard household or otherwise everyday devices that unexpectedly can be hacked 10 : Your Television As technology progresses, more & more people moved to watching Netflix or Hulu on their Smart Phones. At the same time companies began to release streaming devices such as the Roku or the Amazon Fire. To combat this, television Read more about 10 unexpected devices that can be hacked[…]