8bit TMNT

5 most difficult Nintendo games

There are plenty of Classic NES games that are difficult for all the wrong reasons. While some games are miserable experiences that no human should have to endure, such as Yo! Noid or Silver Surfer, and countless others. This list is not a celebration of such unfortunates. This list is a collection of games that Read more about 5 most difficult Nintendo games[…]

Top 10 NES (8 bit Nintendo) games

Top 10 NES (8 bit Nintendo) games A list of my favorite vintage Nintendo classic games 10 : R.C. Pro-Am R.C. Pro-Am is a quick and fun game. It’s fast paced action is picked up easily. The track is littered with opponents, power-ups, hazards (oil-spill/water), and letters, which ultimately spell Nintendo and change out your Read more about Top 10 NES (8 bit Nintendo) games[…]