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Unconventional Christmas Songs

Top 10 unconventional Christmas albums

Top 10 unconventional Christmas albums With Thanksgiving now behind us, Christmas is just around the corner. The obvious conclusion is that we’re about to be bombarded with the age-old, standard, annoying commercially acceptable Christmas songs. Are you looking for something off the beaten path? Either to show off to your coworkers & colleagues, or to Read more about Top 10 unconventional Christmas albums[…]

Most hated sports players

Most hated sports players Regardless of their sports contributions, this list of players actions off-filed or on-field have landed them at wits against their fans. Ty Cobb Despite being credited with setting 90 MLB records during his career, Cobb’s legacy is irreversibly tarnished with allegations of racism & violence. If you were guarding home plate Read more about Most hated sports players[…]

php development

10 high-paying common programming languages

10 high-paying tech jobs Top 10 high-paying yet common programming languages Are you already in the IT industry & looking to get a better paying job? Are you in another market & looking to make a carrier shift into programming? Here is a list of 10 high-paying common programming languages! Currently, 6.7 million Americans are Read more about 10 high-paying common programming languages[…]

John Stewart with kitty

Top 10 Celebrity Pets

Celebrity Pets Celebrities and photos with their pets James Franco Ahhh James Franco, everybody loves James Franco. And what’s not to love? James Franco’s sleeping with his cats Sammy and Zelda! Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman (whom played Wolverine) and his two adorable little dogs Allegra and Dali, with whom he calls over Skype from time Read more about Top 10 Celebrity Pets[…]

Proposal Rejections

10 marriage proposals gone wrong

10 marriage proposals gone wrong Of most men, easily one of the largest fears is the proposal. Well this list doesn’t lighten the mood, as it’s the top 10 marriage proposals gone wrong! Attention guys! Are you planning to pop the question this Valentine’s Day? The holiday is quickly approaching, & there is no guarantee Read more about 10 marriage proposals gone wrong[…]

Breakup Songs

Break Up Songs

Best Break-up Songs Breaking up sucks, and especially breaking up sucks right around or after Valentines Day… Here is my list of the best break-up songs that hit you straight in the feels. Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” was written about a girl he caught cheating. (Rumored Read more about Break Up Songs[…]

ATM running Windows XP

10 unexpected devices that can be hacked

10 standard household or otherwise everyday devices that unexpectedly can be hacked 10 : Your Television As technology progresses, more & more people moved to watching Netflix or Hulu on their Smart Phones. At the same time companies began to release streaming devices such as the Roku or the Amazon Fire. To combat this, television Read more about 10 unexpected devices that can be hacked[…]

Earl Campbell

Top NFL players that never went to the super bowl

Top NFL players that never went to the super bowl With Super Bowl 50 approaching… Despite the awards & accolades, the following list of great players, all of whom are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, have not played in a Super Bowl. Ozzie Newsome Cleveland Browns 1978 to 1990 3× Pro Bowl selection Read more about Top NFL players that never went to the super bowl[…]


Top Apartment, Condo, or Home Improvements

Apartment, Condo, or Home Improvements An article on your introduction to home repair Home Improvement If you have bought an apartment, a condo, or a house that does not require much home improvement, then you have found a good investment. Most homeowners believe that modernizing, upgrading, or otherwise enhancing the decor and sometimes even the Read more about Top Apartment, Condo, or Home Improvements[…]

G1 Transformers Logo

Top G1 Transformers

Top G1 Transformers My personal list of Generation 1 Transformers Action Figures 8.) Ironhide One of the oldest (and toughest!) Autobots, Ironhide has been on Optimus Prime’s team for a long time. I would say Ironhide is the exact opposite equal of Starscream. An equal for strength and an asset, however Ironhide is the doppleganger Read more about Top G1 Transformers[…]