10 marriage proposals gone wrong

10 marriage proposals gone wrong

Of most men, easily one of the largest fears is the proposal. Well this list doesn’t lighten the mood, as it’s the top 10 marriage proposals gone wrong!
Attention guys! Are you planning to pop the question this Valentine’s Day? The holiday is quickly approaching, & there is no guarantee everything will go as planned. Some of the top marriage proposals gone wrong, from fast food failure to a JumboTron shutdown. Lesson learned? If you are considering a proposal, keep it classy, & keep it private!

Proposal makes me want to uku

Awwwe She brakes his heart, & probably his skull. It could have been worse, at least that guy wasn’t playing a tuba.

Jesus Jam

When you open with “She is going to hate this”, common sense should take the wheel.

Fisherman’s tale

Drop the ring once, shame on me, drop it twice… & you are going to be talking about the one that got away.

7th Inning Slap

This Minnesota Twins relationship ship – is on the Colorado Rockies.

Follow the Money

She’s following the money, but upon finding a proposal she high-tails it out of there.

Maybe it Was the Ring?

If I could have everyones attention, I’m about to be single again!

Not just guys fail

It’s normal for a guy to have cold feet, but after only two weeks, forever might be asking a bit much.

But She Came With a Car?!

Some hearts can’t be bought. Here is one caught on camera.

150 Closest Strangers

“Did you hear the one about the comic who asked his girlfriend to marry him?”

A Queen at White Castle

Can I get my order with a side of “maybe I shouldn’t have done this at the fast food restaurant”?

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