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5 most difficult Nintendo games

There are plenty of Classic NES games that are difficult for all the wrong reasons. While some games are miserable experiences that no human should have to endure, such as Yo! Noid or Silver Surfer, and countless others. This list is not a celebration of such unfortunates. This list is a collection of games that Read more about 5 most difficult Nintendo games[…]

Best Nintendo Music [ Mario and other Favorites ]

Best Songs from Nintendo Music This is a list of my favorite 10 Nintendo games when it comes to Music What is it about Nintendo Music? Is it just me, or does the music from your favorite games easily get stuck in your head? Here is a list of my favorite 10 Nintendo games, judging Read more about Best Nintendo Music [ Mario and other Favorites ][…]

Lava Lamps in a Row


Lava Lamps Amazing List of interesting Facts about Lava Lamps! How cool are Lava Lamps? Regardless if you are an outright stoner, or a collector of Vintage 70’s Pop Culture, you can not deny that these amazing Lamps of Floating Lava hold an important piece of history. Lets go over a list of some amazing Read more about Lava-Lamps[…]


Best Workout Songs [ Get Pumped Up ]

Best Workout Songs Good Workout Songs List, that Get You Pumped Up Music is the best motivator. For high intensity heart-rates, here are some workout songs download to get you pumped up! Looking for some musical inspiration to help take your workout to the next level? What was your workout list 2016? Make your playlist Read more about Best Workout Songs [ Get Pumped Up ][…]

hackers exploit

Top 10 mistakes Hackers Exploit

Hackers Exploit Top 10 mistakes that make you more vulnerable As per the AV-TEST Institute, more than 390,000 new pieces of malware are detected each day. This massive amount of malicious programs provide hackers more than enough opportunity to find easy exploits. Just the same, end users make the common mistakes that provide themselves as Read more about Top 10 mistakes Hackers Exploit[…]

Funniest Super Bowl Commercials

Funniest Super Bowl Commercials List of the Best, or Funniest Super Bowl Commercials! With the Pittsburgh Steelers loosing to the New England Patriots & the Green Bay Packers not even showing up to play the Atlanta Falcons, the teams are selected for Super Bowl LI! Along side of the Super Bowl is the entertainment that Read more about Funniest Super Bowl Commercials[…]


Most Misquoted Movie Lines: Star Wars, Jaws, more

Misquoted Movies Some of the Most Misquoted Movie Lines: Star Wars, Jaws, more We all love quoting lines from our favorite movies… we also love pointing out others mistakes! Then this is perfect, because this list reviews 7 of the Most Misquoted Movie Lines of all time! 1.) “Luke, I am your father“ One of Read more about Most Misquoted Movie Lines: Star Wars, Jaws, more[…]

mandela effect

6 examples of the Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect proof of the Mandela Effect Confabulation, or more recently titled the Mandela Effect, is an interesting phenomenon that has recently taken the internet by storm. What exactly is this Mandela Effect? It is a discrepancy in the belief between one’s own memories & actual real world events. Some believe that this is an Read more about 6 examples of the Mandela Effect[…]

5 things you should never carry in your wallet

Never carry these 5 things in your wallet! Does this sound familiar? That moment when panic is setting in, because you can’t find your wallet! It is an unfortunate situation to be sure, as well as a big hassle. While it can be difficult to keep your wallet contents to a bare minimum, it can Read more about 5 things you should never carry in your wallet[…]