6 examples of the Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect

proof of the Mandela Effect

Confabulation, or more recently titled the Mandela Effect, is an interesting phenomenon that has recently taken the internet by storm. What exactly is this Mandela Effect? It is a discrepancy in the belief between one’s own memories & actual real world events. Some believe that this is an example of reverse time travel having skewed details, while others believe that it’s an example of crossing between alternative universes.

Sounds spooky, I know. While it would be interesting enough that everyone thought they perceived an event a specific way, it’s even more eerie that sometimes small details back some of the perceived memories. Lets look at six examples!

  • 1.) Nelson Mandela

  • Naturally, we have to start with the example that it’s named after.

    It is stated that Nelson Mandela died December 5, 2013. However, a lot of people recall news reports that he died in prison previously. An interesting piece of evidence is an article from the book English Alive by authors Kathleen Heugh & Anita Kennet, & it states: Nelson Mandela died on the 23rd of July, 1991. Now whether this is a misprint, or was inaccurately sourced, no one to my knowledge has concluded.

    Mandela Effect 1991

  • 2.) Berenstein Bears

  • Anyone that grew up in the 80’s remembers these adorable bears. Their family taught us lessons of right & wrong. However, everyone seems to remember their name as the Berenstein Bears. That would be pronounced Bare-in-stine. However, images (well, most images) show the spelling as Berenstain Bears. This would be pronounced Bare-in-stain.

    Every book cover & every clip from the cartoon that you look up shows the spelling as Berenstain Bears, despite everyone remembering the spelling & pronunciation as Berenstein. Yet also in an interesting image of this VHS tape, it contains both spellings. Creepy.

    berenstein bears vhs

  • 3.) Sex in the City

  • Starring Sara Jessica Parker, & running on HBO from 1998 until 2004, this comedy/drama was about five women in New York City. However, it would seem that it’s actually called Sex and the City. Admittedly, I have never seen the show, & so I checked with my wife. She recalls it as Sex and the City, & called me crazy. However, there is this youtube clip :

    The words and & in are incredibly similar, & this entire this could be a simple misnomer. That being said, it’s still on the list!

  • 4.) Mirror Mirror

  • In the 1937 classic Disney cartoon Snow White, everyone remembers the scene in which the Queen approaches the Mirror & says … what exactly? Well, what I can say for certain is that I, & everyone that I grew up with quoted the phrase Mirror Mirror on the wall, however … if you go back & watch what she actually says it is Magic mirror on the wall. Yeah… she says Magic Mirror on the wall! But we all remember Mirror Mirror.

  • 5.) Luke, I am your father!
  • With this powerful misquote, is it possible that we just all says it wrong so many times growing up, that we just simply taught ourselves to memorize the line as we wanted? Having watched & re-watched the scene to post in this list, I believe it’s just quite likely that because the dialog is so long, & just before the statement Vader says : Luke, search your feelings, that we just simply summarize the entire speech to a quick & simple Luke, I am your father.

  • 6.) Sinbad Shazam!

  • While the actor/commedian Sinbad has played some great & rather memoriable characters, such as the guy with the sports car in Goodburger & the mailman in Jingle All the Way, some people recently remember him playing a Genie in the movie Shazam! Despite this movie never existing, there was a movie called Kazaam! staring Shaq. However, thanks to Reddit, & the following YouTube Video, this one can be explained.

Mandela Effect Proof

Do you have an example of the Mandela Effect that we didn’t cover? Don’t agree with our list? Leave a comment below!

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