Most Misquoted Movie Lines: Star Wars, Jaws, more

Misquoted Movies

Some of the Most Misquoted Movie Lines: Star Wars, Jaws, more

We all love quoting lines from our favorite movies… we also love pointing out others mistakes! Then this is perfect, because this list reviews 7 of the Most Misquoted Movie Lines of all time!
  • 1.) “Luke, I am your father
  • One of the biggest plot twists ever, & easily one of the most often quoted movies. In the Empire Strikes Back during the rather drawn out dialog between Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader, it is revealed that Vader is actually Lukes’ Father. But we all remember it just slightly different than it was.

  • 2.) “We’re gonna need a bigger boat
  • In Steven Spielberg’s classic “Jaws“, when Roy Scheider sees the great white shark for the first time he proclaims this, all-to-often, misquoted line.

  • 3.) “Hello Clarice
  • We were all mesmerized by Anthony Hopkins classic thriller Silence of the Lambs, & perhaps too mesmerized because we have all been quoting a line that was never delivered.

  • 4.) “I want to suck your blood
  • Thorough all cinema history, in all of the Dracula films, this iconic line is never quoted by Dracula himself! Crazy right?!

  • 5.) “Mirror Mirror
  • As the stereotypical evil queen approches the mirror in the Disney Classic, Snow White, she never addresses with this common misquoted & incredibly sinister opening.

  • 6.) “Greed is good
  • During his iconic speech is Wall Street, Michael Douglas offered an often forgotten pause & filler between Greed is good.

  • 7.) “If you build it, they will come
  • Since 1989, we have been reassuring ourselves, that if you build it, they will come. Truth is, in Field of Dreams Kevin Kosner was promised that “he” will come, rather than “they”.

Did we miss one of your favorite Misquoted Movie Lines? Commend below, & let us know!

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