Most hated sports players

Most hated sports players

Regardless of their sports contributions, this list of players actions off-filed or on-field have landed them at wits against their fans.

  • Ty Cobb

  • Despite being credited with setting 90 MLB records during his career, Cobb’s legacy is irreversibly tarnished with allegations of racism & violence. If you were guarding home plate against Ty Cobb, & he was sliding in with his metal cleats in your direction, you had better have more than standard protective gear. Known for going cleats first, he didn’t mind laying it into anyone standing in his way.

    Ty Cobb

  • Colin Kaepernick

  • Despite having a 99 yard TD run, & leading the 49ers into Super Bowl XLVII against the Baltimore Ravens, his recent political move has a lot of NFL fans crying fowl.

    Colin Kaepernick

  • Lance Armstrong

  • Ever since winning the 1999 Tour de France, Lance Armstrong has been battling doping allegations. It was then in 2012 that a United States Anti-Doping Agency investigation concluded that Armstrong had used performance-enhancing drugs. To this, he chose not to contest the charges, & has since suffered from an epic downfall as cycling’s once largest star, & an idolized icon of millions around the globe.

    Lance Armstrong

  • Tom Brady

  • Now, I don’t think the majority of NFL fans exactly hate Tom Brady, but as the face of the New England Patriots, most people are generally fed up with the teams continual success. It creates a situation where NFL fans root for the team that can beat the New England Patriots in the playoffs.

    Tom Brady

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