Top counterfeited items

Top counterfeited items

The most things counterfeited and passed off as authentic

Computers & Digital Media

  • Apple

  • Of all counterfeit items on this list, these knock offs are of such high quality as far as features and usability, they don’t actually look like bad products. Sure they are not the real thing, but manufacturers of knock off Apple products are really stepping up their production.

  • Otterbox

  • The obvious difference to the fake Otterbox Defender is the lack of the model number matching between front and back. Quality is obviously lower, but unfortunately you have already received it to review.

Watches & Jewelry

  • Rolex

  • Rolex Submariner

  • After judging by weight and quality, matching model numbers to the watch design is a good way to spot a counterfeited Rolex. If someone is selling an eight thousand dollar watch for a few hundred, start looking at the details of the watch. From the sweeping motion of the seconds hand, to the quality and position of the crown on the winder.


  • Nike

  • As with the other counterfeits, quality is the giveaway. The stitching, high-quality logos, and professionalism are going to be key to a real production. The Jordan font is pressed into a fake, as well as logos are of poor quality and production.


  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
    • CEC Build

    It was a little difficult to find side-by-side comparison between super cars and their fake counterfeit. The provided video does go over some specific details of an absolute super car scam, however. Ideally the rule to determining a scam or fake, if they want money before you you can inspect it, there is a reason.


  • Lacoste Polo

  • Reviewing the standard solid color, 2 button Lacoste Polo shirt, to point out accuracy details between real vs fake shirts. European sizing uses numbers and not letters like the US. Reviewing the tag you should additionally see a crisp alligator logo. The buttons will always be “mother of perl”, concave, and sown by hand. Looking at the Lacoste alligator logo, it’s position should be below the lowest button, and above the horizontal line. With regards to the logo itself, it is on a plaque and not directly sown onto the shirt. Another simple give-away is the angle of the tail. A counterfeited Lacoste Polo is likely going to be missing the inside tag with washing instructions.

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